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Your Biggest Glass Shower Door Questions, Answered

If you’re thinking of installing glass shower doors in your home, it’s natural to have questions. Below are answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding glass shower doors.

Are glass shower doors safe?

The tempered glass used to make most glass shower doors is very strong and hard to break. Even if the door does somehow break, the glass is made to break into tiny pieces, to minimize cuts and injuries.

Are glass shower doors hard to keep clean?

Not at all. They are very easy to clean, especially if you maintain them regularly. Wiping them down weekly is an easy way to avoid build up and soap scum.

How do you clean glass shower doors? 

There are many options. Using a squeegee to clean your glass shower enclosure after each use prevents build up. Grease-cutting dish detergent, such as Dawn, is effective as well. Homemade solutions such as a lemon dipped in baking soda work well - the combination creates a sudsy foam that cleans the glass and smells good too. 

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What do glass shower doors cost? 

It depends on the type of door you choose. These shower doors can actually be priced anywhere from $500-1,000 on the lower end. An average price is around $1,200-1,800. Tip: Arrow provides free consultations, so don’t hesitate to call and ask for a quote.

How to fix a shower door that won't close?

Depending on the type of shower enclosure, problems with properly closing the door could arise. Be sure to check for loose screws or a build-up of soap scum. Sometimes it comes down to removing the screws entirely and cleaning them. The door latches could also be the issue, and cleaning those could fix the problem.

What are obscure shower doors?

Obscure shower doors are essentially frosted glass. The only difference is that they are textured on both sides. This type of glass come in a wide variety of patterns. As opposed to clear shower doors, obscure doors offer a unique look and privacy as well.

What is a rain glass shower door?

Rain glass is one of the most popular patterned shower doors because it offers the privacy of obscure or frosted glass and the light transference of a clear, glass shower door. It’s also easier to keep this type of glass clean, as the patterned glass hides fingerprints and watermarks.

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Can shower doors work for a small space?

Yes. Not only do they work in a small space, they can potentially make the space look larger. With no extra walls or fabrics in the way, your bathroom will open up with this type of shower enclosure. Additionally, even with a lack of space, there are still plenty shower door options to work with.

Why are glass shower doors better than shower curtains?

While shower curtains look nice, glass shower doors offer more functionality, and add style to your bathroom. Additionally, a shower door made of clear glass lets in light, changing the environment into a bright and inviting space.

How do clear shower doors compare to frosted shower doors?

It is a mix of practicality and personal preference. A clear shower door allows for a bright and open space, adding some flare to the bathroom. Frosted doors are also stylish, thanks to a unique design but add a level of privacy. This can be especially important if your home needs to accommodate children, siblings, or other family members.

If you’re remodeling your shower enclosure, you can’t go wrong with any type of glass shower door.

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