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Why You Need A Custom Glass Shower Door

Personalized Measurements

What is one of the biggest reasons a custom glass shower is different from a do it yourself kit? You may not know this, but on an enclosure each piece of glass can be custom cut for that specific job.

Depending on the glass company, glaziers will inspect the client’s shower area and takes all the needed measurements. The pieces of glass are cut to these specifications, thus accounting for irregularities such as corners that are not right angles. A shower door made from uniquely fabricated pieces of glazing will yield a different look than a one-size-fits-all kit.

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Many Shower Enclosure Options

Another great thing about the custom shower options is the wide array of possibilities it has to offer. Your one-of-a-kind shower enclosure can stick to tradition with a square, rectangular, or neo-angle shape. OR it branch off into the world of creativity with an unusual or asymmetrical design. Some of our popular shower enclosure styles are –

Finding the right shower enclosure style for your bathroom is an important and significant aspect of design success.

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Many Choices for the Type of Shower Door

It’s not just the enclosure as a whole that you get to design, though. There are also a number of available possibilities for the shower doors themselves. Double swinging doors? Single swinging door? Bypass doors? Frameless sliding door? Joined to the enclosure you have created, the door style helps to define the shower area as a whole. As you ponder door options, be sure to consider the following:

  • Accessibility
  • Universal design principles
  • Proximity of the shower entry to other fixtures
  • Overall look you want to create
  • Price range

You Pick the Glass

Our four most popular looks are clear, frosted, colored and patterned. Which is right for your bathroom?

While clear glass is unrivaled in its ability to open up a space, there are circumstances in which a homeowner prefers privacy glass. These situations can include high traffic bathrooms, bathrooms shared by siblings, and guest bathrooms.

Additionally, you should consider options that offer glass protection. ShowerGuard glass is permanently sealed during the course of its manufacturing. Conversely, Diamon-Fusion is a long-lasting coating that is applied to glass after it leaves the factory.

Whether you choose ShowerGuard or glass treated with Diamon-Fusion we think you’ll enjoy easier cleaning and a door that stays looking like new longer than one made of standard glass.

Choose the Right Shower Door Hardware

The final touch you get to give your custom shower door is the hardware. Whether you have selected a frameless enclosure with minimal metal or a unit with lots of aluminum components, selecting the hardware finish and the handles and hinges is an important step. 

Most popular shower finish options:

  • Chrome
  • Brushed Nickel
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze

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