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Walk-in Shower Design Ideas to Kick-start Your Shower Enclosure Upgrade

Upgrading to a walk in shower can seem like a daunting process. All the options can be overwhelming. However, the best thing to do is write down your ideas and save pictures of all the options you want included in your upgrade. Below are some walk in shower ideas to help kickstart your shower enclosure upgrade.

Bring in Light

Use light to your advantage when designing your walk in shower. For natural light, consider adding a window or skylight. If that's not an option, you can always install additional lighting in your bathroom.

Create a Spa

If you're looking for a more luxurious spa-like feel, you can opt for a steam shower.

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Make it a Partial Enclosure

Your glass shower enclosure doesn't actually need a door at all. With a curbless shower you'll have the option to add doors or stationary glass panels.

Add Accessories and Features

With clear glass shower doors, it's essential to incorporate your shower head, fixtures, etc. into your design, as these will all be highly visible. Also, don't forget about the floors and walls of your enclosure. These can make your shower remodel truly stand out.

Put a Tub in Your Shower

If your bathroom has a tub and shower, you can put your glass doors around both of them. This creates a fun design for your walk in shower.

Take Advantage of an Interesting Angle

If you have room to play with, consider using an interesting angle such as a round shower, curved glass, or a corner shower. These add dimension and originality to your walk in shower.

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Use a Framed Glass Shower Door

A framed glass shower door can enhance the design of your shower enclosure. Again, all the features of your walk in shower should bring the plan together.

Utilize Tilework

If your walk in shower has clear glass, you can work with bold tiles to enhance the design of your shower enclosure.

Creating and designing a walk in shower is a fun process. Additionally, these types of enclosures are the perfect option for any bathroom. Plus, if you don't want to lose your tub, you can still opt for a glass shower enclosure with a tub/shower combo.

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