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Remodeling Your Bathroom 101

So, you’ve decided to take on remodeling your bathroom. When first starting out, it is hard to know what elements are vital to your project, and which ones are just the “icing on the cake.” Ultimately, your new space should be a reflection of your own taste, but there are a few key elements you should consider when first remodeling your bathroom.

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Be Practical

Once your bathroom remodel is complete, the space should be more functional than it was before. You’ll want to keep this in mind when planning your remodel. Some commonly overlooked facets of the bathroom that should take priority in your project are:

  • Leaking shower enclosure
  • Shower door that is difficult to open and shut
  • Problematic layout
  • Not enough vanity mirror space

Some great ways to boost bathroom functionality include installing a new glass shower, re-configuring the location of the various fixtures, and adding a larger wall mirror (or perhaps two framed mirrors) above the vanity.

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Safety First

Your updated bathroom should also be safe and user-friendly. Concerns you may want to address include a slippery shower floor and a shower curb that causes tripping.

When selecting material for your new shower floor, there are a few ways to avoid slippery spots. For one thing, you can opt for tile with more texture rather than a smoothly polished surface. Alternatively, choosing small tiles means more grout lines, which add further grip.

Many homeowners choose to skip the curbs on their new glass shower enclosures all-together. A curb less walk-in shower features a smooth entryway with optimal safety and accessibility. In an enclosure like this, water containment is managed by means of floor slope, drain location, and shower head placement.

Visual Appeal

What’s a bathroom remodel without the addition of charm and beauty to the space? Popular fixtures that can boost your bathroom’s visual appeal include: • Frameless clear glass shower enclosures.

  • Furniture style vanities
  • Framed mirrors
  • Back-painted glass backsplashes
  • Chandeliers
  • Hand-painted tile
  • Vessel sinks


Many homeowners in Austin want a bathroom upgrade that will “last”; a look that is up to date but not so fad-oriented that it will be out of date next year. Some looks that will wear well are clear glass, frosted glass, natural wood vanities, stone tile, and rectangular vanity mirrors.

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Whether your priority is elegance or practicality, you can count on Arrow Glass and Mirror of Austin, TX for the pieces of glass you need to bring your project to completion. Types of glass we work with include tempered glass, laminated glass, mirror glass, back-painted glass, and fire-rated glass.

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