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Pros and Cons: Bathtubs vs. Shower Enclosures

Ready to take a bath or hop in the shower? When you’re ready to renovate and create the luxurious bathroom of your dreams, you’ll have to think about whether you want a bathtub, shower enclosure or both. Both bathtubs and shower enclosures have several pros and cons, so let’s look at the features that make both worthwhile.


Pro: There are a wide variety of designs and sizes. You can choose the finish and style that best suits your vision. 

Con: If you have a small or oddly shaped bathroom, they can take up a lot of space. 

Pro: Tubs are ideal for bathing small children. There is ample room, making bathing an enjoyable and comfortable experience for children. 

Con: On the other hand, bathtubs are not ideal for people with mobility issues. Having to raise legs to enter and exit a wet, sometimes slippery, bathtub could lead to injury. 

Pro: Bathtubs are great for relaxing sore muscles. This is one thing that doesn’t come from merely rinsing off in the shower.

Overall: While larger and a bit more complicated, when it comes to capability, there are benefits to having a bathtub. It’s great for families with young children, a suitable way to relax, and has the potential to be quite stylish.

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Shower Enclosures

Pro: Showers are quick, convenient, and use less water. Enjoy getting in, washing up, and getting out, without having to use as much water. 

Con: You should frequently clean your shower enclosure if you want to properly maintain it and keep it looking new for years. It will require some work. 

Pro: Showers provide easy access for people with mobility issues and can be equipped to accommodate all. Thanks to accessories like grab bars, benches, and non-slip tiles, there are plenty of safe options to give people the independence to bathe themselves.

Con: A shower enclosure is not great for bathing children. Although possible, it’s a little more complicated than a bathtub. 

Pro: There are plenty of style options when it comes to designing a shower enclosure. Whether you want glass shower doors or panels, or frosted glass, the large variety allows for plenty of design choices to make your bathroom stand out. 

Overall: Showers are good for efficiency, with plenty to offer regarding stylish presentation. There’s a great case to make for older and differently-abled people as well, even if it comes at the cost of ease when considering children.

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With so many options to consider, if you’re unable to make up your mind, you can always opt for a bathtub/shower enclosure combination. There are many bathtub options that can be fitted with glass sliding doors, offering you to have the best of both worlds. 

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