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Glass Handrails and Railings - For Contemporary and Traditional Homes

Home interiors, like clothes, shoes and even cars, tend to evolve as styles fall in and out of fashion. The same can be said, to a point, of staircase design. Obviously, you can’t change your stairs as easily as your decor, so it’s important to pick the right style the first time.

Glass Handrails - Arrow Glass and Mirror - Austin

More than any other, this feature has seen a huge surge in popularity. Glass handrails and railings are becoming increasingly popular as people look to maximize the feeling of light and space that they can bring to their surroundings. Although glass handrails and railings were previously reserved for modern homes, these days they are often used in traditional interiors too. Offering homeowners a contemporary twist and flow of natural light around the property.

Glass Handrails and Railings - Arrow Glass and Mirror - Austin

Currently, the consensus in the field of interior design seems to be that less is more. I have noticed a recent shift away from decorative wood and steel handrails and railings to simpler, cleaner glass options. While ornate turned spindles, newels and caps are still popular, there has been greater interest in glass for its a sleek, minimalistic design.

Glass Handrails and Railings - Arrow Glass and Mirror - Austin

Arrow Glass and Mirror’s Residential Team will design, build and install a beautiful framed or frameless glass handrail and railing system for your home or office. We have the experience and training to ensure that your new glass railing system will be built and installed according to applicable building codes and safety standards. Whether you have detailed architectural plans or just an idea of your preferred design, our team can help you turn your dream into a reality!

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