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6 Signs You Need a Glass Shower Door

Are you thinking of renovating your shower enclosure with new glass shower doors? If so, here are the top 6 signs that you need to get a new glass shower enclosure or glass shower doors.

1. You Crave Modern Design

Shower curtains, no matter how you spin it, typically look dated. If you want a minimalistic, modern design, glass shower doors are the way to go. Plus, clear glass allows you to show off tiles, fixtures and other unique designs in your bathroom.

2. You Want a Clean, Sleek Look

With little effort, glass shower enclosures look great for years. Shower curtain liners are high maintenance and must be changed regularly. 

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3. Your Shower Leaks

If you have shower curtains, especially with children in the house, you might experience occasional puddles on your bathroom floor. They don’t always provide the best coverage, causing a mess. Glass shower enclosures ensure that water stays in your shower instead of on the bathroom floor. If this sounds all too familiar, it’s time to consider an upgrade.

4. Your Bathroom is Small

Shower curtains can make your bathroom look smaller because they interrupt the sight lines. Installing glass shower doors, especially clear glass, is the best way to open a small space – making your bathroom look bigger and brighter.

5. Your Bathroom is Dark

If your bathroom is gloomy and needs a pick me up, a new glass shower enclosure might be the solution. They can really brighten up your bathroom.

6. You Want to Customize Your Style

One of the best things about of glass shower doors is that they are completely customizable. With so many glass and hardware options, the possibilities are endless. 

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If you’re renovating your shower enclosure, glass shower doors are the way to go. Adding glass shower doors will make your bathroom feel bigger, brighter and create a clean and modern look.

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